Hiring Manager Screen

1 hour

Product Designer

Competencies Evaluated


  1. Walk me through your design process at your current role/day-to-day? How would you describe your design process? What UX artifacts (Ex. journey map) do you use? How? How do you included others within your process? What’s your current design team situation like?
    1. DESIRED ANSWER: Research, Facilitation (Design Thinking) of Workshops, High collaboration with engineers/devs, Multiple Prototypes, Testing Designs, UX artifacts mentioned - journey maps, adaptable based on context*
  2. How do you know when your designs are done? How do you measure the success of your designs?
    1. DESIRED ANSWER: “never done”, Focus on function / solving problem not visuals, accomplishing user goals, success metrics, user testing (to gather qualitative data)
  3. How would you prioritize your Design skills (Design Execution, UX, Research, Product Thinking/Strategy)
  4. What would your current boss say are your strengths and areas for improvement? Look for understanding of areas for growth, identify environments not meant for them
  5. Why are you interested in our company?
    1. DESIRED ANSWER: Look for understanding/alignment of your environment (startup v. corporate)
  6. Conduct Design Execution Screen
  7. Time for candidate’s questions
  8. Product Demo


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