Design Execution Screen

10 - 20 minutes

The goal of this video screen to find out if the candidate is the right level of design skills for our needs and expectations based on a quick evaluation of their recent work’s design decisions as well as how they came to those conclusions.

Product Designer

Competencies Evaluated

Intro to Interview

Good morning {Candidate's Name}, it's great to chat with you. Today we'll focus on your latest UI work. We completely understand that design is less about the output and more about the journey but as a product designer we're responsible for the end-to-end design and we'd like to give you an opportunity to show your latest output since we know how difficult it is to keep a portfolio site up-to-date. We'll spend the next step going into much more detail about your process.

Before we dive in and have you screen share, Please give a me a quick intro to the project. *Hope to hear about the user problem, business opportunity, and what success looks like.*

Excellent. Let's dive in. Please screen share a final mockup or prototype of your work.

Process Considerations


  1. Was there an existing design system or patterns used? If so, was there any intentional divergence?
  2. What did you reference or gather inspiration from?
  3. What were you trying to prioritize?
  4. What is the expected eye flow?
  5. How did you receive and incorporate feedback on this project?
    1. In your mind, what makes an effective design critique?
  6. How do you know when your designs were done?
  7. Which design tool was this used? Why not the latest (Figma)?

Additional Questions

  1. How would you solve [insert design problem] if all of a sudden consumers couldn’t use computers, tablets, or phones?

Brand Designer Questions

  1. What were the goals?

Email Template

Hi {Name},

We're excited to learn more about your design experience. We'd like to see your most recent UI work that represents your visual and interaction design skills. We do not want a presentation. In fact, we would rather see only a single screen or short flow that was the final output for the project, within your design tool is preferred.

At {Company Name}, we're responsible for the entire end-to-end design process and this call is focused on final output. We understand that there is a lot of depth to your process beyond the final out and we fully intend to go through that in our following hour and a half step.

We expect the project review to be around 10-15 minutes and will be with the {Hiring Manager} and possibly another designer. Then we'll give the remaining time to you for questions.

- Show work that best represents UI skills through a more complex screen or flow (ex. desktop or mobile flow with variety of screen)
- Focus 1 minute overview on the problems and jobs to be done you're trying to solve and less on process

Let us know if you have any questions.