2 - Define

Method Type
Affinity Diagram Synthesis
Design Principles Strategy Definition
Ecosystem Map Experience Mapping
Empathy Map User Definition
Insight Definition Workshop Workshop
Jobs to be Done Problem Definition
Persona User Definition
Service Blueprint Experience Mapping
Strategy Design Workshop Workshop
Understand Research Debrief Synthesis
User Journey Map Experience Mapping

Goals of this Phase

  1. Define what the problem is
  2. Define when and where does the problem take place (situation)
  3. Define who the user is
  4. Define how the user is thinking and feeling (outcomes)
  5. Define how the user is doing it
  6. Define why the user is thinking and feeling the way they do
  7. Define why the user is doing what they’re doing (motivation)
  8. Define how you’re going to approach the solution

Summarized Activities

  1. Synthesize and transfer the findings from Understand by visualizing them into easily understood documents and artifacts
  2. Define what success will look like to the user and business, leverage BIs within this step
  3. Rethink how we might solve this problem by reframing the problem for a new perspective

Questions to Answer