Reports Peer One-on-Ones

A short 30-minute check-in with a peer of one of your reports to get a better gauge on how things are going. Kind of like 360 reviews but lighter weight and more frequent.

Frequency: Consider having these check-ins at least once a quarter.

*Make them feel comfortable and know that their feedback is confidential and will be filtered through you as their manager. *

Pre-Call Survey

Questions to get a basic understanding on how a person can improve. You do it before to cover the basics then go deeper on things in the one-on-one conversation.

Potential Agenda

You can comment on the pre-call survey responses but ideally you use the call to go deeper on more specific topics.

Relationship Building It’s very important to have a repore with the person.

Competencies Check

Pick one question from each category. While all great questions to ask, attempt to ask them over regular check-ins rather than getting all in a single moment.

General Productivity




Business Fluency

Technical Fluency


Different approaches with different roles:

PM: Focus more on definition, trust

Engineer: Focus more on collaboration, inclusion, humble, and iterative.

Designer: Focus more on mentorship, productivity