Length: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Cadence: Weekly

For daily check-ins see Micro One-on-Ones

Agenda Outline

  1. Discuss Topics
  2. 2-Way Feedback
  3. Action Items

Discuss Topics

Primarily focused on questions raised in prep work (see below) by your report. Topics can be any number of things. For example, if their emotional state is currently low but they didn’t bring up a specific topic or reason, you must ask questions.

2-Way Feedback

Give and receive feedback, including praise and critique. Focus your feedback around calibrating what “great” looks like. Provide context of feedback around shared vision, goals, and expectations.

Action Items

Clearly define what each of you will do based off the discussion. No 1:1 is complete without having action taken even if the action is to plan next steps - focus on forward progress rather than specific tasks. Try SMART asks.

Meeting Prep

  1. Questionnaire sent to employee the day before (Put in separate calendar reminder). See templates below for examples.
    1. How are they feeling? Why do you feel this way?
    2. What is on your mind?
    3. What else is on your mind?
    4. What can I do this upcoming week to help you?
    5. Rotating Questions - see below for examples
  2. Prepare your thoughts one what to discuss, including where you last left off. (Only takes about 10 minutes). It’s important to bring feedback.
  3. Update meeting invite with agenda items from them plus yours.

Questions to Ask




  1. 101 Questions to Ask in 1-on1s
  2. Invision’s Design Leadership Handbook
  3. The Making of a Manager by Julie Zhuo

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