Length: 1 - 5 minutes
Cadence: Typically Weekly

For daily check-ins see Micro One-on-Ones

Core Structure

  1. Discuss Top Priorities & Progress
    1. What are the one, two, or three most critical outcomes for your report and how can you help her tackle these challenges?
  2. Calibrate What “Great” Looks Like
    1. Do you have a shared vision of what you’re working toward?
    2. Are you in sync about goals or expectations?
  3. Give Feedback (Praise, Critique)
    1. What feedback can you give that will help your report?
  4. Get Feedback (Praise, Critique)
    1. What can your report tell you that will make you more effective as a manager?
  5. Standard Personal Questions / Reflection
    1. How are they feeling on the whole?
    2. What’s making them satisfied or dissatisfied?
    3. Have any of their goals changed?
    4. What have they learned recently and what do they want to learn going forward?
  6. Create Action Plan
    1. What do they need to do based on what was discussed today?

Before Meeting

  1. Questionnaire sent to employee the day before, including a request of agenda items (Put in separate calendar reminder). It’s important to get topics from the report and understand how they’re feeling.
    1. How are they feeling?
    2. What can I do this upcoming week to help you?
    3. What is on your mind?
  2. Prepare your thoughts one what to discuss, including where we last left off. (Only takes about 10 minutes). It’s important to bring feedback.
  3. Update meeting invite with agenda items from them plus yours.

After Meeting

  1. Reiterate action plan, including your actions. Actions be as simple as investigation (don’t need to have immediate solutions).

Questions to Ask




  1. 101 Questions to Ask in 1-on1s
  2. Invision’s Design Leadership Handbook
  3. The Making of a Manager by Julie Zhuo

Created by: Joe Steinkamp | Last updated by: Joe Steinkamp