Career Growth Planning

Individual’s Thoughts

Individual fills out Career Growth Plan document except for the plan.

Manager Prep

  1. Review filled out Career Growth Plan
  2. Capture themes
  3. Capture thoughts on what their future job interview would be years from now. Think about: How would they interview for it? How would the prove their capabilities for folks that don’t know them?
  4. Review competencies for next level up and take notes on opportunities for growth
  5. Lastly, start putting ideas on what actions can be done in the future. Easier to start with the next few months and aligning business goals with all the notes above.

Review Sessions One

  1. Discuss notes
  2. Workshop a plan on next steps

**This is the beginning of many conversations, so don’t feel like you have to come away with all the answers. Aim for having some loose ideas for the next 6 months

Subsequent Sessions