Portfolio Presentation & Critique

1 hr portfolio review + 30 minutes Q&A

A review of a designer’s work to determine if the candidate has the execution capabilities necessary to be successful and how they work with others. The presentation should cover their end-to-end design process to understand how they like to work, the output quality, and hopefully the impact and outcomes their work achieved.

Goal is to have them focus on the project they’re most proud of and explain why.

What’s the project you worked on that you’re most proud of?

Product Designer


Minimum: Hiring manager and designer Ideal: Hiring manager, engineer, designer, and PM

Competencies Evaluated

Questions to Ask

Portfolio Review Questions

Competencies Assessment

Either select three competencies or all and rate them from 0 - 4. Leverage the Design Skills Assessment App for guidance.


Excited to have you and meet other designers.

Pause after each slide 

### Email Template

Hi {Name}, We’re excited to learn more about your design experience. Here are the details of the portfolio presentation. The portfolio presentation is a chance for us to get to know your process, understand how you make decisions, and also see some of your design accomplishments that you’re most proud of.