One-on-One Conversations

30 minutes to 1 hour

The one-on-one conversations are a chance for others to be involved in the hiring process and to enable the candidate to get more perspectives.


Designers, product managers, and engineers

Thinks to Look For

Compentencies Evaluated

Bonus Compentencies focused on Culture Fit

Consider some of the key aspects that are important to the success of folks within your environment. For example, in startups it’s common to care about being a self starter (including handles ambiguity), comfortable with fast decisions, and is coach-able.

Questions to Ask

Storyteller (Communication) Eloquently explains context & solution reasons

Facilitator (Communication) Brings others along in the design process (inclusive) and has them participate beyond simply providing feedback.

Humility Humble, open to feedback, team over I. (Do you feel comfortable working with this person?)

Results Driven (Business Fluency) Clearly describes the outcomes of their work.

Self Starter (Inquisitive) Curious & passionate to constantly learn.