Design Exercise Interview

Interview method to get candidates away from scripted process and be able to see how they think and collaborate with the team first hand. It’ll review the designer’s critical thinking ability and ability to move quickly through ideas by leveraging patterns. The exercise will have the designer work through a problem on the spot.

Product Designer


90 minutes


Hiring manager, designer, product manager


Design Thinking

Soft Skills


  1. Pick key areas of your product that even a first time. Suggestions: Home, Search, Onboarding, Reading, Navigation, Notifications, Common Consumer Features ( cart).
  2. Define the design brief of the exercise. Include:
    1. Outline the ask (Tip: focus more on broad directions), what success looks like, and scope
    2. Provide key data points and anecdotes
  3. Create a Figma board (or an alternative digital whiteboard). Include:
    1. Primary flow of product
    2. Reiteration of instructions provided in email
    3. Design brief
    4. Space for problem definition and solution ideation

Expectation Setting

See templates below.


  1. Ask clarifying questions with hiring manager. [20m]
  2. Individual Time [20m]
  3. Receive feedback & Riff together [35m]
  4. Questions from candidate [15m]

Panel Tips

Panel Questions to Ask / Statements


See Rubric Template below.