Brand Design Exercise

Interview method to get candidates away from scripted process and be able to see how they think and collaborate with the team first hand. It’ll review the designer’s critical thinking ability and ability to move quickly through ideas by leveraging patterns. The exercise will have the designer work through a problem on the spot.

1 hour 30 minutes


Design Thinking

Hard Skills

Soft Skills

Example Exercise

Design a Google Ad for Baymard Institute to increase subscriptions to their premium research offering.

Baymard Premium is a monthly subscription plan to access a rich research catalog and have research performed by their specialists.

UX Designers & Product Managers

Clicks on the ad
Conversion from ad to plan sign up
Monthly plan sign ups

Communicate visually - rapid sketches (pen & paper, etc...) or use your design tool but prioritize speed
Focus on solution direction, not pixels
Lo-fi wires work best for quickest way to communicate
Feel free to make assumptions or leverage us if you need more data 
Imagine we’re all at a whiteboard together.
We expect you to take the lead in iterating in real-time as we give feedback & speak out loud what you’re thinking.

Ask clarifying questions with hiring manager. [10m]
Individual Time [40m]
Design Review, Feedback & Riff Together [25m]
Questions [15m]

Templates & Resources