Color Theory

Warm Colors - strong and comforting

Red - a stimulating, exciting color. It is associated with passion, power and sometimes anger. It also can suggest strength, determination and boldness.

Pink - youthful femininity and innocence

Orange - vibrant, energetic, friendly and inviting.

Yellow - energetic, warmth, happiness, curiosity

Green - strongly associated with plant leaves and subsequently has lots of positive associations. It can give users feelings of calm, rejuvenation, affluence and optimism. Darker greens = money.

Blue - dependability, trustworthiness and security.

Purple - nobility. Dark shades of purple imply wealth and luxury. Lighter shades suggest fields of lavender and are associated with spring and romance.

Black - power, modernity and sophistication

White - cleanliness, simplicity and innocence

Grey - a neutral color. When used well, it is associated with tradition, somberness and calmness. When used badly, however, it can cause a design to lack energy.

Brown - Light shades are calm, elegant and pure. Tans are conservative and bring to mind piety. Dark brown feels wholesome and reliable, it is associated with warmth and comfort.

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