Summative Survey

Short description of the method. What is it and how it is used.

Research Details (Optional - only for a research method)

Research Type Sample Size Suggested Time
Quantitative, Attitudinal, Summative Large (20+ participants) 5 - 10 minutes

When to Use

  1. After using the product or a usability benchmarking to capture open-ended feedback and qualitative data measurements (use with caution).


  1. Identify your goals of what you want to learn. Focus on what emotions you hypothesize that your user will feel after completing your tasks.
  2. Write a few questions that best accomplish the learning goals.
  3. Determine how your questions should be answered (binary, multiple choice, Likert scale, open).
  4. Review survey with colleague to quickly confirm that the questions are clear. Don’t give them too much feedback on the survey background—only provide the information any potential participants would have.
  5. Post survey online and share with recruited participants or appropriately connect to other research, likely usability benchmark.


  2. 10 tips for a better UX survey

Templates (if applicable)

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