Eng Touchbases

Collaboration is key for a success product team. Dev touch-bases are basic template for designers and engineers to stay in contact during implementation of design work.

The goal is primarily encouraging collaboration during final stages of implementation rather than a surefire technique to improve build quality.

When to Use

  1. To best guarantee product quality on a more complex project that requires a lot of work outside of the existing components and experiences.


Schedule a touch-base on an appropriate cadence with your development team. For two week sprints, schedule a 30 minutes meeting once a sprint.

If there is nothing to discuss, cancel the meeting.


  1. Provide updates of changes, similar to a scrum.
  2. Engineers flag any issues that they’re having with the proposed designs.
  3. Issues are addressed immediately. If minor changes are required, solutions should be made on the spot. If bigger changes are required, raise the issues immediately to the PM and begin to plan what is necessary to resolve the issues. Be cautious to not underestimate a solution.
  4. Discuss previously captured feedback from text builds. Important to provide explanation of the impact of the feedback so everyone has a better understanding of the value. If there are issues, address them like in step 3.
  5. Review current work-in-progress development work, like a show-and-tell.

Created by: Joe Steinkamp | Last updated by: Joe Steinkamp