Stakeholder Review

Include stakeholders in the planning process prior to the Sprint, validating the Sprint Challenge and the goals as early as possible, and then building in stakeholder check-ins throughout the process. You can schedule a check in at the end of the Sketch phase or as part of the Decide phase in order to get input early.

If possible, have the stakeholders come for 30 minutes and provide feedback for the prototypes or early sketched concepts.

When to Use

  1. To establish consensus among stakeholders before moving forward with a particular design solution
  2. To understand and incorporate business goals into the design and development process
  3. Ideally at the beginning of a design sprint. But at least before development work on an epic.


  1. Schedule the review session as early as possible to make sure your stakeholder can fit it into their calendar.
  2. If you are scheduling the review at the end of the Sprint, schedule it after User Sessions so you can share the results and help the stakeholder understand the user feedback
  3. Putting together a well crafted presentation of the prototypes and user feedback can help make this review go smoothly.


  1. Google Design Sprint Kit - Stakeholder Review

Templates (if applicable)

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