Discovery Research Deck

A report summarizing the findings uncovered from discovery research and analysis. The report should include insights, the implication of those insights, hypotheses, and recommendations. The report can also be an opportunity to show first drafts of some definition artifacts.

When to Use

  1. To share the synthesis of discovery research and analysis with a broader group.

Debrief Workshop

Quick Debrief

Questions to Answer

  1. What did the participant say or do that surprised you? Were there any memorable quotes?
  2. What mattered most to the participant?
  3. What stood out during this session? What are the big lessons?
  4. What should we do differently in future sessions?

Top 5 Learnings

Have each notetaker document their top 5 learnings.

Long Debrief


  1. Post-it per observations -> organize into an affinity diagram
  2. Journey map
  3. Hang photos in your workspace

Deck Steps

  1. Document the objectives and methodologies used within the discover phase. Be clear on what the main purpose of the research to provide focus on those insights first (its likely that other insights were uncovered within the process, which can be captured at the end of the report).
  2. Break up each section of the report by the insights previously captured, likely in an affinity diagram.
  3. When presenting the report, keep the focus on the opportunities that the problems represent.
    1. List out key moments (gaps, stories, etc…) that represent the manifestation of the insight.
  4. If possible, include quantitative data to validate and better representing the moment.


  2. Validating Product Ideas: Through Lean User Research by Tomer Sharon

Templates (if applicable)

  1. Google Slides Template

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