User Feedback Analysis

A review and compiling of feedback received from users through existing feedback channels. The objective is to find recurring comments to uncover major pain points or areas to look into more.

When to Use

  1. To look for opportunities in an existing product that demonstrate where the user comments are indicative of a problem.


  1. Identify all the existing feedback channels that you are using for your product.
  2. If you’re looking for a mention of a specific feature, filter by that search term.
  3. Compile all (or as many as possible) comments and attempt to organize and highlight them. An affinity diagram or spreadsheet would probably be best suited for this.
  4. Organize by and highlight key phases to capture themes.
  5. Create a report that summarizes the themes, including quotes that represent the theme.


  1. Organize comments by sentiment (positive, negative, neutral), feature, function, theme, and/or whatever fits your specific context.

Possible Channels


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