Stakeholder Interview

A conversation with the primary stakeholders of the product to better understand their vision and objectives. The primary purpose is to build consensus about the problem statements and project objectives.

When to Use 1. Use when you’re not familiar with the product and the product team 2. Use when external pressures from stakeholders outside of your product team are forcing product changes

Steps 1. Create a discussion guide for the interview. Ask general information questions much like any other interview, their individual needs, department needs, inspiration for project, timeline, and what are success metrics for the project. 2. Speak with the stakeholder one-on-one or with a note-taker. 3. Let the stakeholder speak. 4. End with thanking the stakeholder and that you’d like to keep them involved throughout the product development process.

Tips 1. Speak with the stakeholder so you can ask why to their answers - do not use email Leverage five whys technique

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