Heuristic Evaluation

A usability inspection method for identifying usability issues within an existing product or user interface design. It differs from an Expert Review because it uses specific heuristics to evaluate the interface.

When to Use

  1. Evaluate ways to improve an existing product
  2. Use when you don’ t have time for a usability testing (it is not a replacement)
  3. Use when you’re creating a backlog of design debt
  4. Use as a strategic method early in the design process
  5. Use when limited and need others that have little usability and design knowledge


  1. Determine which heuristics list your going to use
  2. Examine every UI element against the heuristics and mark anything that defies the heuristics
  3. Go through typical usage scenarios for the interface
  4. Go through the interface multiple times
  5. Document each issue and identify which heuristic it fails


  1. Include multiple evaluators to find as many issues as possible


  1. Typically people use Jakob Nielsen’s 10 heuristics
  2. Could also try Gerhardt-Powals’ Cognitive Engineering Principles
  3. Or Weinschenk & Barker Classification


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  2. https://www.usability.gov/how-to-and-tools/methods/heuristic-evaluation.html

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