Expert Review

A usability inspection method for identifying usability conducted by an experience expert. Commonly confused with a Heuristic Evaluation.

When to Use

  1. Use as a preliminary method to focus on an existing product’s problems - find opportunities to improve the product
  2. Use when you don’ t have time for a usability testing (it is not a replacement)
  3. Use to create a UX debt backlog to give a development team
  4. Use instead of a Cognitive Walkthrough and Heuristic Evaluation


  1. Go through each feature screen by screen a. If time sensitive, prioritize features by business importance
  2. Take screenshots of each screen and every condition
  3. As you go through the feature document all usability issues, possible interaction improvements, possible flow changes, and any other possible issue or improvement.
  4. Create a deliverable that annotates the found issues in context of the screenshots




Created by: Joe Steinkamp | Last updated by: Joe Steinkamp