Analytics Analysis

A review of existing analytics gathered from the Listen Phase of the UX process. By looking at UX metrics that best represent key moments that drive user behavior, problems and opportunities can be uncovered and assessed.

When to Use

  1. To look for opportunities in an existing product that demonstrate where the user behavior is indicative of a problem.
  2. To establish metric benchmarks that will later be used to monitor UX Success Metrics.


  1. Start by thinking about what the user is trying to accomplish within the area of your project or product.
  2. Determine metrics that are representative of those user goals.
  3. If you’re looking at your entire product, focus on metrics that best capture the quality of the experience through the user’s behavior, such as task success, adoption, engagement, and retention.
  4. Even if you have KPIs, look at smaller moments within the experience that add up to the KPI.
  5. Find data points that represent an opportunity to improve.
  6. Create a report that highlights what you uncovered and recommended next steps, such as qualitative user research to explain why the problems are arising.

Next Steps

  1. User Research to better understand the problems identified
  2. UX Success Metrics




Created by: Joe Steinkamp | Last updated by: Joe Steinkamp